We realize you may have a few questions about all of this. Hopefully, we can answer some of that below! If you still have any questions, please don't hesitate to reach out at to us: or


When is all of this happening?
It’s happening really soon, I am so sorry for the short notice! The shop will be closed this Sunday, May 15th. It will only be closed for a short time though because by June 11, it will reopen as The Found Shop and it’s going to be amazing - you’re going to see a whole new shop!! We hope to see you for the grand opening on June 11th!

May 15th?! That’s this Sunday.
I know. Again, I am sorry for the short notice :( We’re super excited for The Found Shop to get going on this and want to support them however we can. We wanted to be able to give them time to prepare for their shop. Don’t worry though, all the fun goodies you’re used to buying at OHFSHOP can still be purchased at The Found Shop when they reopen on June 11th!

How can I say goodbye?
We’d love to say goodbye and thank you for all your support! If you’ve been a long time supporter, follower, or fan of OHFSHOP, please join us on Friday, May 27th, 7:00 p.m. We’ll be hosting our “closing” event in the form of an encouragement night! We are all about encouraging others, and we thought there is no better way to finish up at the shop than with an encouragement night. More news to come on that.

Are you closing your entire business?
Nope! the oh, hello friend brand will continue on! I have heard the shop + brand have been a bit confusing. We actually have a whole line of oh, hello friend branded stationery + gifts, that I (danni) design. That is my first passion. To design and create. I’ve loved having a shop, curating it is one of my favorite parts. But I want to return to what I started doing: designing, creating, and blogging! I wouldn’t really think of it as closing, even though the OHFSHOP name will not be on the door anymore, the shop will, in a sense, live on through The Found Shop! Jeni and her team are curating a beautiful shop where you will find the same inspiration and encouragement you found at our shop!

Why would you walk away from a successful and established shop? 
I’ve struggled with that! Sometimes I think it doesn’t make sense. but sometimes things God calls us to things that make absolutely no sense. It doesn’t make rational sense. but in Faith, I must respond. He is calling me to surrender and in faith and trust, I surrender my shop to the One who orchestrates all things together for the good of those who love Him. 

What are you doing to do now?
I don’t know what the future will bring. Nick and I don't have any big or grand plans, except that we do want to start a family. I am not sure what the next years, even the next few months or weeks or days hold. To be honest, I’m scared. and there are still days that I wrestle with this decision. I ask God to confirm it one more time, and in His loving and kind heart, He does. Through reading, through a friend, through a circumstance. I know I am being called to something else, and in faith and obedience, I cannot ignore what He is leading us to. 

Will you continue encouragement nights?
We would really LOVE to! We need to figure out what that even looks like though. Stay tuned.

Where can I find you?
I’ll still be around! We still have an office located in Fullerton. If you’ve followed the @OHFSHOP instagram, please follow @ohhellofriend or check out my blog, as I plan to return to blogging once again (I’ve come full circle, hehe)

What about the OHFSHOP girls?
They’ll also still be around! You can stay in touch with Alethia (@alethialov) Rachel (@rachelhneal) Marissa (@marissaosswald) and Kristyn (@_kristynashley) :) Marissa and Kristyn will be continuing at The Found Shop so stop in and say hello to them!

I'm still signed up for a workshop on May 21! Will the shop be closed?
The workshops will all still continue and we have a plan, I'll send you an email regarding this by the end of the day :)


What is Found Vintage Rentals?
For over 15 years, Jeni Maus has discovered and collected pieces to give her own home a distinctive character and warmth. In February of 2010, she began offering her unique style to others in her curated collection of furniture and accessories at Found Vintage Rentals. Sourced from disparate locations like the California coast, Texas, the Mid-Atlantic region, Hungary and France, the Found Collection is an ever-evolving, constantly growing combination of both well-loved vintage pieces and reimagined designs. All one-of-a-kind. All picked by hand for their history and charm.

What can I expect to see at The Found Shop?
All of the same great things you have been buying for the last 3 years, as well as home decor items such as furniture, pillows, accessories. Lots of custom furniture, vintage found objects and unique pieces to add to your home. It’s going to be beautiful and exciting, trust me!

Who is Jeni? 
Frist and foremost, Jeni is an incredible mom of two beautiful teenagers, wife to an amazing guy, and lover of all things vintage. She is passionate about design and decor and sourcing the globe for unique pieces and found objects to help make a house, a home. Nick and I known Jeni and her husband Joel for over 6 years and they are truly some of the most all around sincere, genuine, and decent people we know! You can read more about about her here!

Why are they taking over?
Jeni has a huge heart and when I broke the news to her, she wanted to do something. They are huge supporters of OHFSHOP and have always considered it the "go to" shop in the community. By opening The Found Shop, their hope is to continue what OHFSHOP started and remain a store that customers love to visit and can come and find inspiration.

When are they opening their shop? 
After a quick remodel of the shop, they will be officially opening their doors as The Found Shop on Saturday, June 11th. We hope you will stop by and say hello! 

Where are they opening their shop?
The Found Shop will be located at 122 N Harbor Blvd, Suite 104 + 105. Fullerton, 92832 :) Yep, in the old space that you used to know as OHFSHOP! We couldn't have passed the baton to a more deserving, hard working, and incredible person.

What will the hours be? How can I get in touch?
The Found Shop hours will be posted shortly. The phone number will remain the same, 714-441-9157. Feel free to reach out via email: or click here!


I have a gift card! What will happen to it?
Please know that The Found Shop is all about customer service. They care about people! That is who Jeni is and what she is all about! The Found Shop will continue to honor all of OHFSHOP policies and gift cards. Don't worry, they will continue to take great care of you! Your gift card will also be valid at if you'd like to use it there instead. 

I have a workshop credit I haven’t used, can I still use it?
Absolutely! The Found Shop will be continuing the workshops that you all know and love. The summer workshop schedule for June + July  is almost set so stay tuned, we'll post the link here and it will all be available at their website. They are happy to honor your credit for whatever workshop fits best with your schedule. Sign up for their mailing list so you'll be the first to know when workshops are open for sign-ups!

What about the Greeting Card Club Punch card?
The Found Shop will continue to honor the Greeting Card Club Punch card for the remainder of 2016! After that they may create a new policy, or may continue on with the punch card ….the future is bright and they are open to all kinds of fun happenings for the shop! Just know that customer service is their top priority so they promise to keep our customers happy! 

Is my info being passed on to The Found Shop?
No, oh, hello friend will retain all mailing list email addresses, instagram accounts, and facebook followers. The Found Shop is their own entity and they have their own established social media accounts. Please be sure to follow them for all the latest happening + updates with the shop! + sign up for their shop mailing list!